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    Mentormind Extended Support Meetings

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    Mentormind Networking Meetings

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    Nadlan Experts Interviews

    Come learn from real estate wizards - how they started, their area of ​​expertise, how they find properties, their work methods and more.
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    Nadlan Expo Israel 2019

    In this lecture package you can hear the stories of completely ordinary people who have become successful real estate entrepreneurs: 1. The conference clip in which the lectures were collected 2. Lior Lustig -…
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    Nadlan Expo Israel 2020

    Come and hear Lior Lustig - How I started investing in professional real estate Real Estate speaks at eye level Hello friends, this package of lectures was filmed and held as part of the professional conferences
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    Nadlan Expo Israel 2021

    Yaniv Berliner - How to Avoid Pitfalls When Investing in Rentals Yaniv Berliner, a senior lecturer in our course, will talk about how to avoid dangers in investing in Rentals Avi…
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    Nadlan Expo Online November 2023

    1. Lior Lustig - Intro - 13:00 - 14:00
    2. Nir Leibel - 14:00 - 15:30
      How to take a system of doing real estate in the USA to Europe
      1. Knowing a new market 
      2. How do you understand what the potential is 
      3. Establishing teams in an underdeveloped environment. 
      4. Creating a winning system 
      5. Business and lifestyle
    3.  Noam Shpalter - 15:30 - 17:00
      The 10 Mistakes Real Estate Investors Should Avoid
      1. The common mistakes most investors make along the way. 
      2. How to avoid mistakes in evaluating and choosing a deal. 
      3. What is the mistake that almost every investor 'falls' into? 
      4. What questions should be asked in every real estate investment? 
      5. The million-dollar question that entrepreneurs will try to avoid answering (simply because they don't have one...)
    4. Gerardo Waisbaum - 17:00 - 18:30
      Intro to the Multifamily Investing World (and Why a Mindset Shift is a Requirement)
      1. What is multifamily investing and why should you consider it? 
      2. It's a flip? a rental? A different beast 
      3. Multifamily valuation basics and how to increase property value 
      4. Not just rent: Major income streams and expenses 
      5. The four main levers of multifamily investing
    5.  Barak Tzur - 19:00 - 20:30
      Our Experience as Real Estate Wholesalers - From 0 to 300 Miles Per Hour in 6 Months!
      1. Why we joined this game, what we expected, and the reality that we actually saw 
      2. Scaling your Wholealing business - how to do it right 
      3. Choosing the best market for wholesaling - this is what you need to know 
      4. Do you want to hear the numbers? Here are some deals we closed 
      5. How can you also open your own Wholesale Real Estate business in no time with minimum expanses?
    6. Eyal Price - 20:30 - 22:00
      Zoning as a Tool to Maximize Profits in Real Estate Investments​
      1. What is zoning? 
      2. What are the types of zoning changes? 
      3. Examples of zoning. 
      4. Parameters that successfully affect zoning. 
      5. Why exactly in the current market should you look at zoning as part of the real estate investment?
    7. Lior Lustig - 22:00 - 24:00
      How to Own a Brand New High-End Single Family House in South/Central Florida for 800,000 SHEKELS!
      1. Why Central Florida is the place you want to be in - the sun belt, statistics & market data, landlord regulations, & the insurance crisis 
      2. What building parameters & materials should you expect from your builder 
      3. What yield can we expect between different construction models 
      4. What is the building process and timeline, comparables, rentals and price per sf 
      5. What are the purchasing options from full ownership to only investing 30%
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    Nadlan Mentoring

    MentorMind - The Mentoring and Mastermind Program of the United States Real Estate Forum and for that matter, the operator of the United States Real Estate Forum, has recently launched a new, revolutionary real estate study program.
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    Wholesale – August 2023

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    Wholesaling – December 2022

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    Wholesaling – February 2022

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    Wholesaling – July 2022

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    Wholesaling – June 2023

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    Wholesaling – March 2024

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    Real estate studies - the official real estate course of Real Estate and Matter

    Welcome to the official real estate course of Real Estate and regarding a general introduction to the real estate studies course: more and more real estate investors realize today that their best investment alternative is…
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    Free interviews for real estate club members

    In this unit you will find interviews of our panel of real estate experts that are open for free for a week from the date of their publication as part of the podcast of the real estate forum, and are available for free for במשך