Interest rate update as of April 2024


  • Posted by Nadlan Group on April 17 at 12:40

    The loan we closed today to a foreign investor for a property in Indianapolis worth $180000

    Financing percentages: 65 percent

    Loan amount: 117000 dollars

    30 years

    5 years early repayment penalty

    Interest: 6.75 before points

    The customer chose to buy the interest rate down by one point to an interest rate of: 6.48 percent

    Account in 30 years from buying the point below: 7516 dollars

    Years to pay back the cost of buying the interest down: 4.7 years

    Monthly cost PITIA – Principal, Insurance, Taxes, Insurance, Association:

    979.65 dollars

    DSCR of the transaction:

    1.74 dollars

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