Nadlan Invest & Financing Premium Membership


The support and learning package that puts you above all else

Personal support by Lior Lustig and team members with a variety of benefits

Welcome to the Nadlan Group premium subscription

To join and pay, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the form

The premium subscription includes benefits in all our departments


Reduced escort costs (about 50 percent in most cases)

Work with an updated cost table which you can see on the website and which starts at a 50 percent discount. Escort costs are determined according to the amount of the transaction and according to the route. It must be understood that the closing time of a $5 million deal and an $80 deal in Ohio is the same, so many lenders are not interested in doing the small deals. Since the Landers are under contract with us, they are obliged to do the small transactions in order to receive the large transactions, but their costs are higher - since for example it is not profitable to take 1 percent of $80,000 which is only $800. Joining the premium route will cut these costs for you significantly.


Promotion to the top of the list

Premium customers are promoted to the top of the customer list

Getting better and faster offers

In the premium plan you will start receiving offers faster. It is important to remember that the cheaper the Lander is, the busier it is, so in most cases you will receive the more expensive offers first, so we will advise you at which point we received all the offers from the Landers that we know are particularly relevant to your type of loan.


Direct work with Lior Lustig

Lior Lustig has been in the mortgage field in the US since 2010 and has a lot of experience and many connections. Lior works only with premium members. In the normal track you will work with a forum member who has a year or two of experience who will help you fill out the documents, but in the premium track you will get Lior and 3 other team members .

Work with 13 team members

In the premium route, 13 team members will work with you who, in fact, go beyond our automated system, directly call the Landers and tell them that you are Premium members - so the Landers will treat you as more serious customers and offer you better offers. In addition, the team members manage the WhatsApp group reserved only for premium members, and upload all the offers to you on a data sheet - a benefit that is also reserved for premium members only.


Help filling out forms

While in the normal route there is no answer to questions when filling out the forms, in the premium route our team will be happy to help you with any questions about the forms and all quickly on WhatsApp.

Receiving all offers in a data sheet

Our team updates all the offers in a data sheet so that you can compare all the offers individually with all their parameters - the interest rates, the possibility of buying the interest down, the various costs of the loan, exit penalty, financing percentages and more.


Working with a WhatsApp group for quick communication

While in the normal route you receive the offers only by email and with one team member and have to choose the offer that suits you without consulting, in the premium you will work with a WhatsApp group with our team members for a quick response all day until the closing of the financing.

Selection of the 3 winning bids and an auction between them

In the premium route, Lior Lustig will zoom in front of you and compare all the offers received for you so far - we will choose the 3 best offers and perform another pricing between them to find the winning offer.


Possibility to enter the tender without a contract

While in the normal route you need a contract to enter the tender, in the premium route you can also enter the tender at the point where you have an offer in principle received by email from the seller, and this is to speed up processes.

Option to receive a Pre Approval letter

Premium members can receive a Pre Approval letter that allows them to start submitting bids. This letter is required by real estate agents to see that you have the financial ability to purchase the transaction and that you are approved by a bank to receive a mortgage.


Making an appointment in the extended diary from 7 am to 7 pm

Premium members can make an appointment with us in the extended calendar during hours that are beyond the operating hours to allow you to make a tender quickly and not lose the deal.

Possibility of making an unlimited number of tenders

While in the normal route each tender costs you 150 dollars, in the premium route you can make an unlimited number of tenders during the year (for different properties).


Reduced deposit

When proceeding with a lender, the borrower transfers a deposit. Premium members will transfer a deposit reduced by 50 percent starting with the fourth loan.

Maintaining the membership price

In the premium route, once you have entered the route at a certain price, this price will be kept for you as long as the subscription is active and will be renewed once a year at the same price. Once you cancel the subscription, another subscription will be at the list price only.


Precedence and preferred service

Our goal is that you leave satisfied and prepare a short video recommendation for us, so we work very hard to get you the best conditions and accompany you in the process

Facebook icon

Access to the closed support forum on the website and Facebook of the real estate course with lifelong course instructors

Facebook icon

Access to our group of deals


Precedence in selecting transactions

In the premium route, once you have entered the route at a certain price, this price will be kept for you as long as the subscription is active and will be renewed once a year at the same price. Once you cancel the subscription, another subscription will be at the list price only.


Purchase of transactions without escort cost

The cost of accompanying transactions that arise on our website is 5000 dollars until receiving a key - contracts, performing an inspection of the property, a title company, a lawyer, etc. As soon as you are a member of the premium track, you receive an escort until the turnkey at no cost.

Your option to borrow investors

Since you do not have a cost for accompanying the transactions, you can accompany investors with our help in transactions that arise on our website and collect the accompanying fees and explain to them that you work with real estate and the matter. If they contact us, they will hear the accompanying price of 5000 dollars, so that at any lower price they will take They will be happy to work with you. We will accompany you with the client from beginning to end


Server with all transaction analysis software

Premium members enjoy access to a server that includes all the software you need to analyze transactions so that you save on monthly costs - software such as Profster, Rantometer, etc.

Receiving transaction updates in a variety of channels

You can of course receive the transaction updates on the website, by email, in a dedicated Facebook group and also in our Telegram channel automatically.


Benefits and priority in the purchase of new construction properties

We build wholesale properties in Florida that are suitable for investors and the premium members receive the best prices and in addition receive close support and precedence over the other investors as soon as new plots are released.


And in addition, here are the bonuses of the premium track - the educational subscription worth 1800 dollars:

Access to the Real Estate Encyclopedia - Real Estate Nafdia, thousands of entries in all areas of real estate - an encyclopedia that is constantly updated with up-to-date information relevant to real estate investment practitioners in the United States

Benefit worth 1800 dollars (annual subscription price on the website)

Access to information and reports, 600 files, tools and tables - to help you analyze your real estate transactions - contracts, agreements, letters to tenants, spreadsheets, calculators and more

Benefit $ 28,850 (per $ 50 per file)

Access to an exclusive forum of attractive and exclusive deals for Real Smart Club members

Benefit worth 1800 dollars (annual subscription price on the website)

Free viewing of lectures by a panel of real estate experts

Benefit worth 1800 dollars (annual subscription price on the website)

Advisory groups of hundreds of experts

Benefit worth 1800 dollars (annual subscription price on the website)

Free viewing of Nadlan Expo lectures

Benefit worth 1800 dollars (annual subscription price on the website)

And with all this not enough - a bonus worth 1000 dollars - a subscription to the real estate course, which includes over 70 lectures in 20 modules:

Module 3 - Choosing an investment market

Module 2 - Investor profile

Module 1 - Intermodal

Module 6 - Holesailing

Module 5 - Establishing an Operation

Module 4 - An in-depth investigation of the selected market

Module 9 - Finding Deals Below Market Price

Module 8 - Investigation of Property and Property Area

Module 7 - Zilo

Module 12 - Work with contractors

Module 11 - Negotiation

Module 10 - Purchase Process

Module 15 - Risk Management

Module 14 - Focus on Flip

Module 13 - Renovation

Module 18 - Sale

Module 17 - Investment Management by Management Companies

Module 16 - Insurance and Contracts

Module 18 - Sale

Module 19 - Importance of leverage in investments

Bonus Module 20 - Self-Management

50 percent discount on the rest of our products

Nadlan University

Our real estate university contains courses from the most comprehensive in the industry that will teach you how to invest in real estate in the United States, and personal mentoring programs with leading mentors who live and work in the United States and who have made dozens of transactions (mentormind program) of group study until success! Our goal is to give the beginning investor all the tools and knowledge in one neat place. With one registration you get access to the recordings of all programs for life. Premium Club members receive a 50 percent discount when registering for Real Estate University courses. The value of the benefit: from $2500 to $3500, depending on the chosen route.


Nadlan Analyst

Our real estate transaction analysis service is the surest way to succeed in real estate investment, since success lies in the information you will receive about the investment. Before you purchase a property from a party you do not know, you must order a detailed report that will detail the real value of the property, data about the area such as crime, schools, prices of similar properties, immigration, sources of employment and more. Premium Club members receive a 50 percent discount on Nadlan Analyst's analytical reports. The value of the benefit: from $250 discount per report - depends on the selected report.

Nadlan Legal

Do not buy real estate in the United States without a comprehensive legal review of the property Nadlan Legal provides the solution for you with a comprehensive package of tests for the new property you bought Premium Club members receive a 50 percent discount on the service.


Nadlan Marketing

Our advertising service for real estate companies includes banners, videos, articles, newsletters, interviews, exposure and lectures at Nadlan Expo events and more. Premium Club members receive as a gift: 1. Building an upgraded and designed company profile on the website by our in-house designers in the real estate company database that will be displayed as long as you have an active company profile subscription for free! - Value of the benefit: 3000 dollars. The upgraded company profile includes your contact information: who we are, why we are, questions and answers, regional information, videos, sample properties, learn a little about us, frequently asked questions, selected posts and articles, recommendations from customers, contact form for inquiries that come directly to you, private Communication with live links: list of employees, email, phone, Facebook profile and website and includes a live link to your website for the purpose of promoting the website in search engines (SEO). 2. Discount on the cost of a company page subscription: 50 percent discount for the monthly subscription of the company page - regular or promoted - value of the benefit: 250 to 375 dollars per month 3. Discount on banners: 50 percent discount for the monthly subscription for the cost of the largest banner - a huge top banner with a size of 1200 x 1920 pixels, which is displayed on the home page and on the pages of all articles above the article - value of the benefit: 250 dollars per month 4. An article on the website - an article of up to 3000 words that describes your activity in the context of the real estate world. The article includes a live link to your website for SEO promotion or alternatively to your company page on the website. The article is translated into 104 languages. Normal cost $2000. 50 percent discount for premium subscribers. (1000 dollars only). 5. Mailing to the distribution list: publishing your article in our monthly mailing to an audience of about 10,000 members or alternatively adding your advertising banner to the mailing with a link to the article, to your company page on our website or to your website. - Value of the benefit: 2000 dollars 7. An invitation to give a 10-minute lecture at the annual conference of Nadlan Expo - a physical lecture to the audience in the hall or alternatively via zoom if you cannot come to Israel at the appropriate time. The lecture is filmed in the hall and entered into our lecture database on the website for viewing by website subscribers for many years to come (worth $2000) * 8. A filmed interview for the podcast: which includes tens of thousands of people registered on YouTube, and was also exposed to the Facebook group with tens of thousands of people, to LinkedIn and to our website which includes tens of thousands of views. The interview is half an hour long and includes questions related to your entrepreneurial history, information about your company and your projects and includes contact methods. Value of the benefit: 2000 dollars 9. Post in the Facebook group about your advertisement with us, details about the company and the product and a reference to viewing the advertisement on the website *Taking into account the holding of the conference in accordance with the limitations (This package will not give any discount for the premium subscription).

Join the support track

If you are registered on the site, log in with your username and password and return to this page and click on the join button.

After clicking the join button, you will be directed to the form for filling out credit card information.

The initial payment of $ 3000 allows you to join the support track, enter the real estate university and access the real estate course, the social network, the discount app and more for 12 months.

If you have a coupon code, click on the link - Have a coupon ?, and enter the coupon to receive the discount.

After 12 months, you will be charged a cost of $300 for every additional 12 months that covers the accompaniment, the discounts and the cost of using the technology - the cost of storing the videos, the servers, the social network on the website, the application, customer service, etc.

You can choose to cancel or stop the subscription at any stage by logging in to your profile on the site and selecting Subscriptions. 

Please note: the aforementioned subscription is automatically renewed every year. The system does not send a renewal notification. If you want to cancel, you need to go to your profile and choose cancel or stop the subscription. We cannot cancel the subscription for you because your password is encrypted and you can cancel by logging into your account, therefore there is no point in sending us request messages to cancel the subscription. Please note that if you received a discount on the subscription, after canceling the subscription if you want to renew it, you will have to renew it at the full price. The discount is one-time and canceled when canceling and renewing. Remember that it is your full responsibility to remember to stop or cancel your subscription before each annual auto-renewal. If the subscription is renewed, there will be no refunds or cancellations. for the video Explanation for canceling the subscription click here.

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